What February 2023 Holds for You – Love Horoscope Based on Zodiac Sign

February, the season of love, is here. In 2023, the month brings great news for all the people in love or seeking love.

This February 2023 is remarkable in multiple ways, and Valentine’s day would also be quite different considering the planetary positions on the day. 

Expert Astro Numerologist Sidhharrth S Kumaar will tell you how this month will be. Based on NPS (Numerology Positioning System), KPS (Karm Positioning System), and zero numerology, here’s what’s in store for you in your love life in February 2023. 

“Morning shows the day” is an age-old dictum with more profound meaning and sets the context right; similarly, the planetary position at sunrise is very important and significant. 

At the sunrise of Feb 1, 2023, Venus (the planet of love & light) and Saturn (the ruler of karma) both are in the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn itself. Furthermore, the Moon (the planet of emotions) and Mars (the energy of execution) are in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, and Ketu, which is present in Libra, which Venus rules.  

Furthermore, looking at the sunrise of Feb 14, 2023, Venus and Saturn continue to be in Aquarius and are further joined by Sun, forming three planet associations in Aquarius. The signs ruled by Venus, i.e., Taurus and Libra, are witnessing the presence of Mars and Ketu in their signs, respectively. 

A summative assessment of planetary alignment and elemental composition of the day suggests individuals must watch out for rumors and further shows the path of not believing in hearsay in a relationship and general life. 

This month will be very special as many people will see progress in their love life after a long wait, and later during the year, we will witness a significant jump in marriages and kids. 

Celebrities will not remain isolated from this wave, and we will hear many more big marriages happen during the year. 

The year will also be marked by numerous people getting a chance to meet their twin souls and karmic soulmates. 

Let us now dive into the love life of each zodiac sign and see what this month of February 2023 has to offer to them: 


Singles: It’s time to manifest your dream partner, Aries. And with it, your chances to meet the one intensify. Don’t resist making the first move. 

Couples: Mars, a planet of energy and intimate energy, is in the sign of Taurus (ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and love). Make the most out of it by spending quality time with your partner. Utilize this opportunity to create core memories, have deep conversations, and experience sexual intimacy like never before. 


Singles: February will compel you to stay home and avoid social interactions. Please take it as a responsibility to put yourself out there and meet as many new people as possible. Eventually, you will find “the one” you have been looking for. 

Couples: Were you waiting for the perfect moment to make your relationship official? If yes, do it now, as the stars’ alignment is favorable for you. In the season of love, your relationship will continue to be a source of warmth and comfort. 


Singles: Dear social butterfly, you may be single this Valentine’s Day but not for long. Your charm has doubled, and your flirting skills have improved. It’s just a matter of time before your confidence attracts a loving partner who gets you. 

Couples: Simple surprises, cozy dates, and meaningful efforts… these will describe your love life in February. Doing something special for your partner this Valentine’s Day will reignite the passion in your otherwise stagnant relationship. 


Singles: Valentine’s month demands you to learn, heal and move on. It asks you to let go of past traumatic memories and unlearn toxic patterns to meet the love you deserve. 

Couples: While you are busy making big plans for your Valentine this month, it’s crucial to take notice of their intentions. Are they reciprocating the kind of love you keep showering on them? Remember, communication is the key. 


Singles: The planetary alignments will shift the social attention on you. You are likely to meet several prospective dates. However, give your heart only to the one who shares the same values. 

Couples: In this season of love, you are going to be more vulnerable toward your partner. Before sharing your deepest secrets with them, make sure they are prepared to come to terms with the great reveal. 


Singles: Virgo, you will be counting the number of proposals received this month. Finally, you will make yourself open to loving relationships and finding someone who soothes your heart. 

Couples: Your connection with your partner will strengthen and witness a new restart in life. In simple words, love will be in the air!  


Singles: This February, the world will be a bit more magical. The possibility of finding your special one is high, and you can meet them quite anywhere, even while waiting for your metro. 

Couples: Librans in a relationship will bring out their balancing powers. While maintaining a spectacular career, you will also make time for romantic dinner dates along with Netflix and chill with your lover. 


Singles: The people born under this water sign are radiating charm, confidence, and passion throughout the 28 days. It is forming an irresistible aura attracting multiple desirable romantic prospects. 

Couples: The stars have set you up for a month-long period of deep conversations, romantic dates, and mind-blowing sex. Irrespective of which partner makes the most effort, this Valentine’s Day is going to be exceptionally special for you. 


 Singles: Previous blocks in love life and lack of energy to deal with a romantic relationship will be removed. You will look for love again. 

Couples: Couples will plan to hit the next milestone in their relationship. Plans like making their relationship official, proposing to their loved one, moving in together, or conceiving will top their charts.  


 Singles: Unlike your carefree attitude regarding relationships, you will get serious about finding a suitable match this month. The right one is waiting just around the corner. Just don’t be afraid to flaunt your authentic self. 

Couples: Thriving with the energies of emotional and sexual intimacy, February is probably going to be a steamy month for Capricorns in love. The best part is your partner will enjoy every bit of it. 


 Singles: During the Pisces season, there will be an abundance of butterflies in your stomach. Surrounded by people who are romantically inclined towards you, it’s your turn to choose the one who is not only about words but also actions. 

Couples: This month assures you of your yearning to make extravagant expenses. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s a good idea to treat your partner to luxury occasionally. 


 Singles: This month is going to leave you glowing. Don’t be surprised if several admirers offer you a drink or ask for your number. 

Couples: Your partner will shower love on you like never before. Enjoy the attention, Piscean! If possible, return some of it too. Reciprocating love to the right person without waiting too long will hold the key for you. 

DIY Love Booster for this Month 

1. Mix rose water in bathing water regularly during this month. 

2. Keep rose quartz and carnelian around you (especially near your head when you sleep at night) 

3. Express your emotions with crystal clarity and leave no room for any kind of rumor. 

What are you waiting for? Make this February the month of your life and love, and meet with your soulmates.

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