Top 18 Subtle Signs It’s Time to Walk Away from a Relationship

True love can make you feel like you can do anything in this world. Couples act as each other’s strengths when in a relationship and go beyond length to support each other through thick and thin. Being loved can make you feel like you are in a beautiful dreamland. A relationship should be filled with joy and not sorrow. If your relationship has become toxic, it is better to walk away than hurt yourself. Love does make us vulnerable, but that doesn’t mean we should not respect ourselves and keep tolerating hurt or abuse in the name of love. Keep reading to know when is the right time to walk away from a relationship.

 When Is the Right Time to Walk Away from a Relationship?

1. You Are Not Respected

Respect is about giving importance to your partner’s needs, priorities, and preferences and honoring each other’s differences of opinion. No two people in this world are the same, so it is okay for a couple to have different sets of interests and opinions. If they respect each other’s interests, they’ll have no issue at all. A man may be interested in reading books and a woman in music – as long as they give importance to each other’s passions, all’s well. 

If you feel disrespected by your partner, then it is time to communicate about the same to them. When a partner is disrespectful, they will put their needs first instead of yours, mock you, and not value your decisions. If this keeps happening continuously, know it might be time for you to part ways with your partner. 

2. There Is Attraction toward Others

We can find other people attractive while in a relationship. Some examples of innocent admiration are: “That person is looking so good!,” or “She sings so well”.’These kinds of admiration last only a few seconds or maybe a couple of days. When attraction turns into a serious liking, that is a red flag right there. If you or your partner are always fantasizing about someone else, it is a clear sign you are losing interest in your beloved. When this happens, you must sit down and talk it out properly. If the love between you two is strong, you will be able to rekindle the romance and put an end to an attraction towards someone else. But if that doesn’t happen, you should walk away lest you want to hurt your significant other. Also, if your partner is looking for a new relationship, know it’s time to walk away. 

3. There Is a Lack of Trust

Trust is the essence of a beautiful relationship. It makes you have faith in your partner, love them for who they are, and not judge them for anything. Trust is something two people need to earn, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months or even years to build a strong foundation of trust between two people, but only a minute to break it. 

Trust in your partner means you don’t need to know where they are all the time and have confidence in their decisions. If your relationship doesn’t have any trust and your or your partner’s insecurities pile up daily, your relationship is bound to crumble. If you and your partner can work on the insecurities and resolve the problem, you can have a happy ending. But if they are not able to gain your trust or vice versa, know that it is time to walk away from your relationship.

4. Involvement of Abuse

Involvement of Abuse

Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated. When we talk about abuse, many people paint a picture of physical abuse in their heads. But emotional abuse is also as painful and severe as physical abuse. If you are in an abusive relationship wherein your partner hurts you emotionally, physically, verbally, or sexually, do not take it lightly and break ties with your partner. You should know when to walk away from a relationship because if it’s too late, the relationship can hurt your self-esteem and cause serious damage to your mental and physical health and well-being. 

5. A Boundary-less Relationship with an Ex

Friends are for life, but once you are committed to someone, you must draw a line for your friends. No one should cross their boundaries in the name of friendships because it can hurt a romantic relationship. If you are wondering if it is time to walk away from a relationship, then ask yourself these questions: Does your partner have a weird relationship with their ex? Do they give more time and importance to their ex than you? If yes, it is time to walk away and prevent yourself from getting into a messy situation. Don’t think it will all be okay soon because if you are not comfortable with the friendship between you and your partner’s ex, it will cause you lots of pain. This goes for you, too – if you are still friends with your ex and can feel your heart flutter at their sight or mention of their name, this is a clear sign you are not happy in your current relationship and still have hopes of rekindling your previous relationship. 

6. There Is No Clarity about the Future

Two people connected by the pious bond of love foresee the future together. They are usually seen talking about how their wedding will be, where they will raise their kids, etc. No talk about the future at all could be a sign your partner is taking the relationship too casually. Moreover, if your partner always talks about the future, but there is more talking and no action in your relationship, it could be a sign they are not taking the relationship seriously. If you want a serious relationship but not getting the same vibe from your partner, communicate with your partner openly about the problem. If it doesn’t resolve, know it is time to part ways. 

7. There Are Instances of Infidelity

You must have heard of the famous adage, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” While this phrase may or may not be accurate for everyone, it goes without saying that being cheated on hurts a lot. If you are sure that your partner is cheating on you, you should part ways with them. Walking away from a relationship you want to work on is difficult. If your partner feels remorseful and is guilty of their actions, it’s up to you if you want to give them another chance or not. If not, walk away and never look back. Likewise, if you have cheated in your relationship, you should confess it to your partner and give them time to think about the situation. If you feel guilty about your action and are sure, you won’t repeat it, tell your partner, and see if they are ready to forgive you. If not, let them go. However, if you are in love with someone else and are sure your feelings might not change, communicate this clearly to your partner, and part ways with them. 

8. You Are Often Lied to by Your Partner

Honesty is regarded as the best policy in the world. When it comes to relationships, you must be honest with your partner. Where there is honesty, there is love, compassion, loyalty, and care. If your partner lies to you often, know that this is a huge relationship red flag. Even if they apologize to you for lying, remember that “sorry” can change something only if a person doesn’t repeat that mistake. A mistake that happens once is an error, and if it happens often, it’s a habit. If your partner’s behavior doesn’t change and they keep lying to you, it’s time to split. 

9. You Both Have Contrasting Values

A relationship can easily sustain if a couple has different likings, hobbies, and interests. But if your core values, such as parenting style, financial aspects, religious values, etc., don’t align, you will have difficulty making the relationship last long. For example, if you want to be child-free for the rest of your life but your partner adores kids and wants to have one, it will become a major conflict later on. If you know you are not capable of coexisting due to strongly conflicting beliefs and values, it’s time to walk away from a relationship. 

10. There Is a Lack of Empathy

There Is a Lack of Empathy

A healthy relationship requires various qualities to grow, and one of those virtues is empathy. Remember, empathy is not to be confused with sympathy. When you feel sympathetic, you feel sorry for their misfortune. Empathy is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and feeling their pain. A couple must be empathetic toward each other to create a deep connection. Being in a relationship with an unempathetic person can affect your mental health. If your partner is emotionally unavailable and doesn’t understand their emotional duties towards you, rethink staying in a relationship with your partner. 

11. You Don’t Get Enough Time with Your Partner

A relationship requires a couple to spend quality time together to blossom. When you give each other time, you get closer together and your bond grows. If your partner is showing disinterest in spending time with you, talk to them about the issue and see if it can be resolved. If they are adamant about their decision to not give you any time, think about walking away from the relationship. 

12. Your Partner Participates in Body Shaming

Even the subtle remark of body shaming is wrong and must not be encouraged in any circumstance. If your partner pays more attention to your outer appearance and makes you feel bad about how you look, it is a clear sign they don’t love you. If they have made any body-shaming comment and have not regretted it even after you expressed your discomfort, it’s time to walk away from a relationship. Bid farewell to them because you deserve better.

13. Your Partner Is Not Willing to Adjust

Any relationship, whether it be a romantic relationship or a friendship, needs compromises, sacrifices, and adjustments to last forever. When two people share a bond, they make small compromises to build a strong relationship. So, how to know when to walk away from a relationship? If your partner is unwilling to make any adjustments for the sake of the relationship, you should contemplate walking away from the relationship. 

14. You Are Not a Priority for Your Partner

If your partner gives importance to everything but not you, there is something wrong in your relationship. In a romantic relationship, a couple makes each other their priority to feel loved, adored, and pampered. If your significant other is not giving you any time and doesn’t give you priority, it’s time to part ways. 

15. You Feel Suffocated in the Relationship

Being committed to someone doesn’t mean losing your individuality and not focusing on yourself. You must work hard for your ambitions and take time out of your day for your hobbies. If your partner doesn’t give you the space to nourish yourself and always keeps a tab on what you are doing, it is a sign they don’t trust you. This also means it is time to walk away from your partner and find a happy space for yourself. 

16. You Are Not Comfortable with Your Partner

In loving relationships, people are comfortable with each other and don’t need to put on a facade to impress their partner. It is a sign you lack mutual trust if you feel like you can’t be yourself around your partner or are uncomfortable sharing your deepest secrets with them. Communicate with your partner about how you feel, but if you still feel uncomfortable being truly who you are around them, it’s time to walk away from the relationship. 

17. You Do Not Feel Valued

When two people don’t value each other, their relationship is bound to go downhill. Humans feel happy when their opinions and decisions are valued. If your partner makes all the decisions themselves and doesn’t ask for your opinion on anything, it could indicate serious relationship problems. If you feel your efforts are being taken for granted and the relationship is one-sided, you should consider whether you want to be with your partner or not. 

18. Your Needs Are Not Being Met

Love requires a person to be selfless. If your partner always thinks about their needs and interests first and manipulates you to do things the way they want, do not hesitate to break your ties with them. 


Love makes things simple, not complicated. Relationships are like two people sailing on a ship; if one side gets imbalanced, the ship will sink. Love, care, loyalty, trust, and understanding are needed for a relationship to bloom. If you think your partner is disrespecting you or that you are in a toxic connection that holds you back and makes you feel “less than”, know it is time to walk away from the relationship. This might sound like a harsh decision, but you’ve got to do this for your mental peace. Remember – you are enough for yourself!

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