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Which Disney Princess Were You In A Past Life?

It’s time to found out the truth…

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    Which of these is your favorite?

    • Fries
    • cookies
    • salad
    • donuts
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    Favorite makeup product?

    • Lipstick
    • Mascara
    • Eyeshadow
    • Eyeliner
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    Favorite book genre?

    • Romance
    • Fantasy
    • Thriller
    • Romance
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    Favorite place to be?

    • In my room
    • Near the beach
    • At school or work
    • Out with friends
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    Favorite social media app?

    • Instagram
    • facebook
    • pinterest
    • Snapchat
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    Finally, Who is your favorite princess?

    • Moana
    • Cindrella
    • Elsa
    • Jasmin

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