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Which Disney Hero And Sidekick Are You?

Which Disney Hero And Sidekick Are You?

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    First, pick a fictional place to visit

    • Neverland
    • Monsters University
    • Zootopia
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    Pick a Villain

    • Scar
    • Captain Hook
    • Jafar
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    Choose a Disney channel original movie

    • Halloweentown
    • Camp Rock
    • The Cheetah Girls
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    Now, Choose a celeb to go to Disney World with?

    • Stephanie Beatriz
    • Ariana Grande
    • KJ Apa
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    Pick a Disney Park Food

    • Mickey Waffles
    • Mickey Bar
    • Caramel Apple
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    Choose a Disney Movie cliche

    • Love at first sight
    • Dead Parents
    • Animal BFFs

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