Just find, Which mask is covering your face ?

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Everyone is covering ourself using some masks, What are you taking cover behind your face?

Allow us to assist you with finding it!

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    In spite of the fact that you have made a decent attempt to accomplish great outcomes, however somebody actually degrades and analyzes you to other people, how will you respond ?

    • Prove that person ur hardwork.
    • Just leave that person
    • Fight with that person
    • Thank that person
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    Suppose you’ve enjoyed somebody for quite a while. Unexpectedly one day that individual responds your sentiments, you will :

    • Hug that person.
    • Laugh at that person.
    • Share this to your friends.
    • Hide this moment in yourself.
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    When would You think, a person is a close companion :

    • He / She must be true to you.
    • He / She should be a care taker.
    • He / She should give more love on you.
    • He / She should eat lunch with you.
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    Assuming this is the case, might you want to travel back into the past, what would you do ?

    • Will correct my mistake, which i did in the past.
    • I will continue my current life.
    • Pray to god, for travel to future.
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    Suppose you were offered a Ticket for a New Movie, what would you do ?

    • Just go to the Movie, since its free.
    • Check the Ratings / Reviews of the Movie.
    • Give that Ticket to your friend to enjoy it.
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    Assume that, You have won 1 crore Lottery, how will you respond when you realize that?

    • Shout and enjoy that moment.
    • call your friends or family about this.
    • Rush to get you amount.

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