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Design A Mansion To Find Out Which Disney Princess Matches Your Aesthetic

Design A Mansion To Find Out Which Disney Princess Matches Your Aesthetic

  • Question of

    When your guests pull up, what view will greet them?

    • An ornate iron gate
    • A tall hedge
    • A Small, gated front stoop
    • A seaside entryway
  • Question of

    Please, come in! what style is your foyer?

    • Big and grand
    • classic and clean
    • bright and diary
    • Electic and modern
  • Question of

    Let’s head to the kitchen. What’s a must have?

    • Colorful cabinets, please
    • Lots of marble counter space, for sure
    • A spacious pantry
    • A funky backsplash
  • Question of

    How does the dining area look?

    • Modern touches make the space feel special
    • Cozy and close together
    • leather booths add an industrial feel
    • Trendy and glamorous
  • Question of

    Enter the main living room. What’s closest to your vision?

    • Pops of color catch your eye
    • Warm lighting adds such a coziness
    • Crisp colors and a wood fireplace are perfect
    • Paintings line your walls from top to bottom
  • Question of

    Which is your Favorite Master Bedroom?

    • Lots of fun patterns mixed with neutral colors
    • Modern touches with classic feel
    • chic and simple
    • Bold wallpaper and a stunning view
  • Question of

    What bonus does you home have?

    • An in- home theater
    • A bowling alley
    • A tree-house
    • A professional grill/ smoker combo

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