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Choose between your favorite chocolatey and cheesy food to see if you belong on the naughty list or the nice list


The word “naughty” means “bad”, in the sense of doing something that you’re not supposed to. … Because the song above is so popular, people still think of Santa asking children whether they’ve been “naughty or nice”. Children who have been “nice” get presents from Santa.

  • Question of

    cheese fries or brownies?

    • cheese fries
    • brownies
  • Question of

    Four cheese pizza or triple chocolate cake?

    • Four-Cheese Pizza
    • Triple chocolate cake
  • Question of

    Mozzarella sticks or chocolate chip cookies?

    • Mozzarella sticks
    • chocolate chip cookies
  • Question of

    Grilled cheese or chocolate muffin?

    • Grilled cheese
    • Chocolate muffin
  • Question of

    Lastly Mac’n’ cheese or chocolate lava cake?

    • Mac’n’ cheese
    • chocolate lave cake

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