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Money Heist Review: Professor, is a good knot … but could you have avoided all this ?!

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The premise is that MoneyHeist is a questioning power beyond a predatory ‘Heist’ series.

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If the first two seasons were money hunting, the next two seasons should have come as a gold hunt. But it changed three seasons. And half of the third season was released a few months ago. There was only gunfire throughout. Well, if you start looking anxiously to see if you can regain the lost interest in one of the final episodes, they have tried to catch up with it to some extent. That alone should compliment the creators of the series.

The professor sees childbirth for Alicia Sierra. On this side the two gangs are fighting fiercely, and Tamayo unloads another guerrilla force inside. Tokyo, the series’ voice-over specialist, has no choice but to make that risky decision, ending the series halfway through.

This part :

To take out the gold. We need to find out what mood Alicia Sierra is in. Must escape from Tamayo. The team must recover without further damage. Above all, the story of the dead Berlin must be strongly told the reason why they are still being told. The sixth episode of the fifth season started with many such complex tasks.

In the first two episodes, Berlin’s stories and Alicia Sierra’s Professor’s Tiger run to start, while thinking of saying goodbye as Wright, successive twists and turns, ‘Money Heist’ returns to form as an old panacea.

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The professor, who is always hiding in the cave, lands in Gota this time around, as Khetha, I’m not just a cowboy, I’ll do a direct fight as well. Money Heist is able to answer the questions of how Tamayo, who is in the winning mood, handles these new problems, what Alicia Sierra is doing and what became of gold.

The premise is that Money Heist is a questioning power beyond a predatory ‘Heist’ series. But the Berlin flashback, which should have been over in two seasons, was dragged into loneliness as ‘Let me tell you’. Fortunately Nairobi’s son has to take comfort in the fact that everything is not going well. But could you have said …

Although the logic violations are numerous, the answer to the question of how they are going to escape can be adjusted as it went a bit interesting. Still, the problem is that the professor travels around town with a hole in one leg. That too may have been thinking of something other than escaping in that trash can.

Netflix has announced that it will next take a spin off of Berlin. We urge Vizhakamitti to take it as soon as possible and publish it. Thanks.

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