Libra to Scorpio: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Don’t Have a Type And Date Diverse Lovers

When it comes to love, some prefer the sanity and safety of comfortable and dependable partners, while others seek a soul-thrilling romance even with someone who may leave them heartbroken. Indeed, some star signs detest dating a particular type of person, for they like switching things up with vastly different personalities. 

Take a look at the zodiac signs who date with an open mind and are consistently eager to acquire new knowledge and explore partners from various cultures and countries.

1.       Scorpio

Scorpios are captivated by intriguing individuals. Sometimes they move to terminate an existing romance because they’re enchanted by someone new. By their very nature, they detest setting into a predictable routine even when it comes to daily life and chores. Hence, they enjoy approaching new lovers who aren’t of a similar type to have variety in their love life.

2.       Libra

Nobody wants to marry or settle for someone they believe is unworthy of them. But Libras are especially afraid that they might marry too soon to someone who proposes. So, in order to free their soul, they aspire to travel constantly and see every part of the globe while dating different partners. They take chances and aren’t afraid to live unusual lives rather than settle for one type of person.

3.       Virgo

Once heartbroken, Virgo vows not to repeat the same mistakes. Hence, they scarcely date the same type of boyfriend or girlfriend twice. They seek strong, fearless, and adventurous lovers who can challenge them in life and force Virgo to step outside of their own bubble.

4.       Sagittarius

For a Sagittarius, childhood is all about trying new things and interacting with different types of people. They continue this habit in their dating life and like discovering new cultures via their romantic interests. They detest routines, as they find them to be dull. They never play it safe in love.

Most of these signs enjoy experiencing new things and experimenting with contrasting relationship dynamics. Hence, they hesitate to date a similar sort of individual more than once in their lives.

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