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“Jai Bhim” controversy: Directors who rallied in support of Surya!

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We support Jay Beam and the entire crew, ”Director Vetrimaran said on Twitter.

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Directors have come out in support of Surya in the Jay Beam film affair.

The recently released movie ‘Jay Beam’ starring Surya. The film is directed by Gnanavelu, a filmmaker in the crowd. Surya’s 39th film stars Prakash Raj, Karnan actress Rajisha Vijayan and Lijomol Jose in the lead roles.

It was fixed after a controversy arose that the presence of the Agni Kumbha calendar in the villain house in the film was meant to refer to the Vanniyar community. Also, the police character who played the villain in Jay Beam was named Guru Murthy.

Following this, the issue arose that the name of the Vanniyar Sangam leader Kadu Vetti Guru had been placed for the guilty character. Anbumani Ramadoss, the leader of the Pamaka youth wing, issued a statement asking Surya various questions on the issue and said that the Vanni community may block the screening of the film in theaters. Surya had also given a detailed reply to the report.

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However, a notice has been issued by the lawyer on behalf of the Vanniyar Sangam asking the ‘Jay Beam’ film crew, including Surya, to apologize and pay Rs 5 crore in compensation. Following this, the Jay Beam movie affair is heating up day by day.

In this regard, political parties, celebrities, fans and the general public, including the DMK, VCK and the Communists, have been expressing their support for Surya. Importantly many of the directors have expressed their support for Surya. Here are some of the important ones.

“Changes have been made as you requested. I urge the screen industry to let it run in its nature. Why the unnecessary word war with the man in the mood to always listen to your opinions? I do not understand why this problem, which should have been solved on a mobile phone and had to be solved by pointing out small mistakes, was ignited in the wind.

In any case, talk to us. We are friends who adjust if it is right. We will always travel with friendship, ”Director Bharathiraja said in a statement to Anbumani Ramadas.

“Director Gnanaveli’s commitment to making the film world-famous for its plight and Surya’s continued efforts for social justice is inspiring. It is only natural that these films should provoke anger among those who do not want this situation to change. We support the entire Beam crew, ”Director Vetrimaran said on Twitter.

“It is not only the duty of the state but also the duty of a good community to protect the films that force social justice and the creators who create it with the utmost difficulty. In that sense, I will always be with the Jaybeam crew …” Director Aamir expressed his support for Surya.

Similarly, directors Pa. Ranjith, Kopi Nayyar, Naveen and Simbu Devan have also expressed their support for Surya.

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