Gemini to Taurus: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Regret Not Exploring Their Wild Side in Their 20’s

Very few people go through life without regrets. While some wish they’d chosen a different career, others wish they’d married a different partner. In fact, regrets tend to pile up as you get older, rather than dissipate. Yet, there are a few zodiac signs who put their best foot forward in life by doing charitable work, promoting important causes, and making a difference in the community.

While their efforts for a kinder world are highly valued; they do realize they have missed out on the more fun things in life. There are 4 zodiac signs that regret not indulging their wild side in their 20s. Take a look at who they are:

1.       Aquarius

People born under this air sign are never up for a challenge. They don’t allow anyone to push them out of their own bubble and like to have set preferences that they follow for years together. This is precisely why they’re often feeling a quarter-life crisis where they wish they had a wild 20s instead of playing it safe.

2.       Libra

Anyone who knows a Libra would attest that they are seldom up for an adventure. Going by a predetermined schedule at any time of day is what pleases them. Nevertheless, they are lively, energetic, and upbeat people who often wish they were braver in terms of taking risks like a solo trip, a random hookup, or even indulging in adventure sports.

3.       Capricorn

Capricorns are unquestionably one of the wittiest zodiac signs. They are hard workers who immerse themselves in their professions after spending their youth toiling away to attain an excellent education. Hence, when their 20’s pass them by, they can’t help but feel a sense of regret that they didn’t enjoy many new experiences or meet new people, and they become irritated.

4.       Sagittarius

Sagittarians relish the prospect of being productive and avoid all distractions while their friends in college are having fun or trying something new every day. They feel remorse for not enjoying adventures in college as much as they could have. So, in their early 30s, they realize they want to travel to amazing destinations as often as possible and do not believe in following a routine or becoming bored indoors.

Once they decide to banish their regrets, these star signs make excellent company. They have the ability to transform any drab day into a joyful and exciting one.

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