Aries to Sagittarius: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Cajole Their Dates into Physical Intimacy

There are a few zodiac signs who enjoy rushing ahead with physical intimacy before they catch feelings for their date. They do not consider whether they are playing games with their date, by hurrying them up. Indeed, they simply do not intend to take things seriously, so breaking someone’s heart later is an acceptable outcome for them. Here are 4 zodiac signs who intentionally cajole their lovers into physical intimacy.

1.   Sagittarius

We all know that Sagittarius cannot be tethered, and this fire sign likes to make that clear now and then. They don’t take relationships too seriously and would like to explore physical intimacy with partners before they truly feel something in their heart of hearts. Hence, they tend to coax their date to canoodle far too soon.

2.   Aries

Since this sign uses its inherent charm, convincing a partner into amorous activities does not require a lot of work. Aries folks are not someone who deals with words and emotions too often. Instead, they might make the move too soon on a date and then want to be your buddy later, so they can break up with you very quickly.

3.   Virgo

Virgo is brilliant but easily distracted. So, if you’re in a relationship with them, there’s a good chance they may proceed to intimacy before you are truly ready. They may make a good case to convince you to be intimate with them, as they believe it enlivens a dull relationship. But rushing too soon may negatively impact their partner’s feelings at the end of the day.

4.   Aquarius

This air sign can be both hot and cold at times. But they are the type of people who can easily feel passionate about multiple partners. As one of the most emotionally aloof signs, Aquarius enjoys exploring the wild side of their lovers and is not above being mildly manipulative on your date.

Since these signs overthink everything, they may reason with themselves believing that they are completely in love with you. However, even if they assume this at one point, they could later regret being with you. So hold off on intimacy unless you are sure it is what you want.

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