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ARANMANAI 3 Review – Properly unfinished mansion

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‘Aranmanai 3’ is the story of a female ghost who takes revenge on those who killed her, her boyfriend and daughter.

Zamindar Sampath lives in the palace with relatives including his daughter, sister and brother. Her daughter says there is a ghost in that house. Unbelieving it, he thinks his daughter is lying and sends her to a hostel to study. Many years later, Sampath’s daughter Rashi Khanna comes to town to attend the funeral of the driver who raised her. There still seems to be a ghost in that palace.

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Rashi Khanna’s aunt’s granddaughter seems to have a demonic ghost. He thinks the ghost is his friend and he plays. When Achsirumi’s father Sundar.C arrives, he learns about these mysteries and tries to unravel them. After that, the shocking events and the background are revealed.

The screenplay goes unanswered, answering questions such as how the driver died, why the ghost thinks of revenge, what its past is, why Sampath burns down without showing affection on his daughter, and whether he was able to drive away the ghost.

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At the beginning of the film, Sundar Sikh conveys to the audience that there is not even the slightest bit of concern and carelessness in ‘Aranmanai 1, 2’. The same template that was in 1,2 continues. But there is no novelty or ingenuity in it. The screenplay can be seen on the title card as Venkat Raghavan, Vasanam Badri. But it is unfortunate that they also did not put in the necessary labor.

Arya does not even have the importance of the role given to Sundar.C, Rashi Khanna, Yogi Babu, Vivek, Mano Bala, Sampath, Vela Ramamurthy, Madhusudana Rao, Amit Bhargav, Nalini, Myna Nandini. If you tell Arya that you are the hero, he will not believe you. He comes and goes in scenes that can be counted off the finger to that extent. He looks like a body builder with a tight and rough face.

Rashi Khanna is coming as Glamor Dola. This is Vivek’s last film. Not using him properly. Yogi Babu has wasted Manopala. Cell Murugan is also in. Sir Attendance is going. Sunder.C could not believe that there was a famine for comedy in the film.

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Sampath does exactly the job given and fulfills the need of the character. Only Andrea scored in the film. That alone is somewhat comforting.

The laughter that does not come from many comedians comes when you look at Vincent Asokan’s mustache. So Assault on Makeup. More indifference in graphics displays. In the film, Manopala is ridiculed for her injustice. The lizard transcends the boundary to be like a snarling, curled mat model, like a dowser put to the start. There is no compelling story in the film. To cover it up and in spoof style, shades of old films including ‘Proletarian’, ‘I E’, ‘Magadheera’, ‘Friends’ are sprinkled all over. This is also the Creativity Drought.

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Alchemy in Satya’s music, the songs that appear as fire are okay. Chengandale melody makes the song enjoyable. Background music does not match. Senthilkumar’s cinematography is okay. Fanny Oliver may still be mowing.

Only those who want to test themselves without a sense of humor can visit ‘Palace 3’. ‘Palace 3’ is like a mansion that starts with a hasty finish and is not properly built.

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