AMAZON : Online Drug Sale -Lawsuit Against Managing Directors of Amazon India !

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Amazon India executives have been charged with selling drugs online.

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Madhya Pradesh police have registered a case against the managing directors of Amazon India online sales company. The case was registered on November 13. Businessmen across India have lauded the move by Madhya Pradesh Police, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Misra.

According to a statement issued by the Madhya Pradesh Police, the case was registered under the Indian Penal Code 38- Drugs Act. The case is being investigated by Bind District Superintendent of Police Manoj Singh. Marijuana has been booked 20 times through the Amazon site. Full details of when the marijuana was booked and to whom it was delivered have not yet been collected.

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21 kg of marijuana was seized from Bijendra Tomar and Suraj Kallu Bhavaiya from Kohat Sauraha area. Mukul Jayaswal, a resident of Gwalior, has been arrested. Marijuana is sold to Chitra Palmiki. He has also been arrested. The investigation revealed that marijuana was given to Amazon customers from Andhra Pradesh. Suraj Kallu Bhavya, who is accused in the case, has registered his company on Amazon under the name ASSL Sales Company. One person has also been arrested in Visakhapatnam in this case. A case has been registered against the managing directors of Amazon India based on the investigation conducted so far. Police are actively involved in the operation to arrest them. Police have accused them of not cooperating properly with the police investigation. So far, one crore worth of marijuana has been sold to customers across India, police said.

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