50 Fun And Pocket-friendly Date Ideas for Teens

The teenage years are undoubtedly some of the best years of our lives. Be it hanging out with friends or completing a project; everything seems fun during teenage. Teenage dating is a beautiful experience but can be hard at times. One of the most significant challenges teenagers experience is going on a date without burning a hole in their pocket. During the teenage years, the hormones go berserk, and teens plan on doing various things to impress their partners. If you are a teenager looking for inexpensive ways to make your beloved special, don’t worry. We have got you covered! Below are the best date ideas for teens that can help you have a great time with your special someone without making you broke. 

Fun-filled And Unique Date Ideas for Teens

1. Go to an Aquarium

Aquariums are a great place to spark your creativity and relationship. Gaze at the beautiful fishes and give a cute glance at your special one from time to time to make them feel loved. 

2. Coffee is the Cure

Many things can happen over a cup of coffee. Take your date on a coffee date and get to know them better. If you are a hopeless romantic, you can sit there holding a cup of coffee, looking into each other’s eyes. 

3. Listen to Music

Music soothes our souls and also brings two people closer together. Go to a concert together and groove to the music. If you can’t afford a fancy concert, you can visit places where local artists play. If you are both into music and don’t wish to go to a concert, you can also have fun by listening to music together. All you need are a music player, a quiet corner, and your favorite songs. 

4. Head to a Park

Pack some snacks and games in your bag and visit a park for a nice outing. This date idea for teenagers is cost-effective and full of thrill. 

5. Play Truth Or Dare

Are you new to the dating game and want to know your partner inside and out? Play truth or dare with them! But be cautious because this game can tell you things you might not be prepared for. Truth or dare is an exciting game for couples wherein if a person chooses truth; they’ll have to answer a question correctly. And if they decide to go for a dare, they’ll complete a dare given to them by their partner. 

6. Relax Together on a Spa-Date

Spas are relaxing and rejuvenating for our bodies. Relaxing music, a facial, and cucumbers on your eyes, this is all you need to have a peaceful date. 

7. Bowl Together

Going bowling is a fun date idea and can make you feel energetic in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter if you are into sports or not, you can enthrall yourself and your date by enjoying a day of bowling. 

8. Count the Stars

Stargazing makes you forget everything and get mesmerized by the beauty of this universe. If you are looking for cute date ideas for teens – this is the one. Pick a good spot, hold hands with your partner and observe the stars. 

9. Play Puzzle Games

If you thought solving puzzles only helps you improve your analytical abilities, it’s time to rethink. You can have a fun date with your loved one by solving puzzles.

10. Walk And Talk

Walk And Talk is a date-ideas-for-teens

Sometimes, you need to keep things simple and enjoy their beauty. For a date, you can simply take a stroll in a park and talk to each other. 

11. Cook Together

You don’t need to be a Masterchef to implement this plan, just a bit of knowledge will do. Cook a meal together and have a cozy date.

12. Attend a Carnival

A date at a carnival is perfect if you are looking for something exciting. There are performances, stalls, and many other events at carnivals that will make your day together a memorable one! 

13. Plan a Movie Date

This is one of the simplest teenage date ideas that is also fairly easy on the pocket. Choose a movie and watch it with your partner. Make your movie night extra amazing by munching on your favorite snacks. 

14. Go to a Mall

Robin Scherbatsky (from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother) hit the right feeling when she sang ‘let’s go to the mall today!’ Visiting a mall is one of the most budget-friendly date ideas for teenagers. You can explore different stores, eat a snack, or head to the gaming zone to liven up your day. 

15. Visit an Animal Shelter

Give your love and care to cute animals by taking your date to an animal shelter. This is a great idea for a date that will strengthen the bond between you two. 

16. Indulge in a Baking Session Together

If you or your partner have a sweet tooth, invite them for a baking session at home. You can bake a pie or a cake and spend sweet and precious moments together. 

17. Grab Ice Creams Together

Be it summer or winter, ice cream never loses its charm. Grab a cone of ice cream and have a fun day with a sundae. You can sit on a park bench together and enjoy your ice creams. 

18. Go to an Arcade

Go to an Arcade is a date-ideas-for-teens

There can never be even a single dull moment at an arcade. It is a perfect idea for a first or second date for teenage couples. 

19. Go Skating

When it is snowing, you can enjoy your date by skating together. It is okay if you are a noob in ice skating or rollerblading. Just get your skates and do something unique on your date. If you are both pros, you can race each other. 

20. Go Window Shopping

One of the greatest first date ideas for teens is to go window shopping. It is totally free and will make you relaxed. You will also get to know about each other’s tastes and preferences.

21. Burn Some Calories

While many people love to eat on their dates, some like to burn a few calories. If you or your partner are into yoga or gym, you can go for a workout session together. There is no need to spend a penny on it. You can take the help of the internet and begin your session. 

22. Pick Fruits from an Orchard

Fruit-picking is an adventurous activity. You can pick your favorite apples from an orchard and click adorable selfies during the fruit-picking session. 

23. Jump into a Lake

This is a no-brainer activity and won’t cost you anything. Go to a nearby lake and jump into it with your partner. Enjoy swimming all day long and steal a few kisses from your loved one. Don’t forget to pack some snacks because you’ll need them after the rigorous swimming session. 

24. Watch a Play

No, we are not talking about the expensive broadway tickets. You can go to any local production house to get tickets for a play and have a gala time with your beloved. This is one of the most creative date ideas for teens. 

25. Go Fishing

Don’t bother if you get a bit dirty doing this activity. Head to a nearby river and go fishing. If you catch some, you can also make a little fire and grill them for a hearty bite!

26. Have Fun with Colors

Bring out the artist in you by painting with your partner. The goal is not to make the best painting but to be cheerful with your loved one. 

27. Go to a Picnic

Go to a Picnic is a date-ideas-for-teens

Having a picnic is one of the most romantic date ideas for teens that can help strengthen the bond between two people. Pack some snacks and pick a beautiful spot where you can cherish each other’s presence. Make your date special by telling your loved one about your feelings. 

28. Board Games to Your Rescue

We must always keep our inner child alive, and what could be better than games to do that? There are a variety of board games to choose from including Pictionary, Monopoly, Twister, and so on. So pick your favorite and watch the hours fly away.

29. Visit a Museum

Improve your aesthetic knowledge by visiting a museum. Entry to various museums is free or pay as you wish. You can make a small donation and enjoy your day. 

30. Explore the City Like Tourists

If you are looking for cheap date ideas for teens here’s the best one – go explore the city. You can go to nearby malls, parks, or monuments and spend some quality time together. You can find hidden gems of the city and even grab quick bites at restaurants. 

31. Bring Some Humor into Your Life

There is no medicine in life better than laughter. Go to a stand-up comedy show with your partner to have a hearty laugh. This is an inexpensive date idea that will make you roll with laughter. 

32. Play Question Games

A relationship thrives on proper communication, and what could be better than games to know your partner better, right? Play games like Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, This or That, or 21 Questions to get to know your date better. 

33. Play Card Games

This one can also be included in double date ideas for teens. Have an entertaining date by playing card games with your partner. You can also include other couples in the game. There are various card games for couples including Uno, Monopoly, Slapjack, and so on. 

34. Volunteer 

Volunteer at a service and show your kind and pleasant side to your beloved. You can teach underprivileged kids, provide treats, and spend your day beautifully with your partner. 

35. Binge-watch Session

Binge-watch Session is a date-ideas-for-teens

Netflix and chill for a perfect date! Get cozy together on a couch and binge-watch your favorite show with your bae.

36. Click Selfies

Selfies can elevate the mood of the gram generation in a jiffy. Take your bae to a cute spot and click as many selfies as you want to create memories. 

37. Jog Together

Run together, sweat together, and enjoy your leisure time perfectly. Go for a run and make your date sweet and vibrant. You can also go for a race to make it competitive. 

38. Visit a Bookstore

Bookworms would definitely love this activity to indulge in leisure time. Head to a bookstore and pick out the books you think your partner would like. You can also read out a story from their favorite book to make the date memorable. 

39. Get a Handwriting Analysis Done

People are always curious to know more about themselves. A handwriting expert can help you know more about your nature, strengths, and weaknesses. This is one of the best date ideas for teens that can help you know your partner. But make sure to take the analysis with a pinch of salt and not judge your bae for anything that the expert says. 

40. Revel in the Beauty of a Sunset

It always feels rejuvenating to be near nature. Take your partner to a spot from where you can gaze at the sky and enjoy the sunset. This is free of cost and romantic activity to do with your dear one. 

41. Do Each Other’s Favorite Activity

Maybe you are into sports and your partner is into music – how are you going to plan an ideal date then? It’s simple! You can ask your partner to play a game, and after that, you can go to a music concert together. This way, you both will get to do the things you like. 

42. Scribble Your Emotions 

Have you been waiting for the right time to vent all your emotions to your partner? Plan a writing date and write down what you feel about each other. You will surely get to understand each other’s feelings better after this date. 

43. Make Something for Each Other

Both of you can picturise something that you want to give each other. Then you can head out together to a nearby craft store and pick all the essential items needed to make the gift. Make something for each other and adore it forever. 

44. Plan a Study Date

Plan a Study Date is a date-ideas-for-teens

Wait, what? You must be thinking you have read something wrong because who studies on a date right? Studying can seem boring at times, but with bae, everything seems joyful. Have a study date and help each other out with the curriculum. 

45. Snowman Building Game

If you are surrounded by snow and are getting bored, plan a snowman-building competition. Give your partner a dare to build a beautiful snowman within a time frame. If they win, you buy them dinner.

46. Watch a Game

Many places have recurrent minor league games. You can buy cheap tickets and watch games such as baseball games and have an entertaining time.

47. Go Hiking

Hiking is a daring and thrilling activity. Pack some mouth-watering snacks, and water, and go hiking with your partner. 

48. Get Cozy with a Bonfire

Winters are for coffee and bonfires. Build a small fire, roast some chicken, put on some music, and dance together. This is a picture-perfect date idea for teens. 

49. Have Fun at a Water Park

Beat the heat and boredom in the summer season by going to a water park with your bae. Enjoy rides and food while you are there. 

50. Play Scrabble

Playing indoor games is a great idea for a teenage couple. You can play scrabble to test your vocabulary and learn new words with your bae. 


Your dates with your beloved are the times you are going to remember forever. Make sure every one of them counts and for that, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. There are various date ideas for teens that are full of fun and pocket-friendly. Remember, whenever it comes to the matter of hearts, your intention matters and not the amount of money you have spent on making a day special. Go to a carnival, grab a quick bite of your favorite snack, play video games, or take a stroll at a park to get to know each other better. Do everything with a pure heart, and your partner will be impressed by you.

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