31 Fun Kitty Party Games to Make Your Party Exciting

Kitty parties are a great way to get to know your friends and family members better and unwind together. If you want to spend quality time with your friends and save, then being a member of a kitty party is the best idea. One can say that these parties kill two birds with one stone, as in solving two problems simultaneously. For the unversed, a kitty party is a social event held as part of a savings club. All members contribute a fixed amount of money to the pot. A chit is taken out each month, and the lucky one takes the kitty home. The party is hosted every month by different female members of the group. The party host is required to organize food and kitty party games for everyone. 

A good kitty party includes exquisite food, laughter, and fun games. Most women look forward to attending these parties to take a break from their monotonous life and play thrilling games. If you are the next host of your kitty party and are scratching your head thinking about the games, you are at the right place. Scroll down to know about the best kitty party games for ladies. 

Best Engaging Kitty Party Games

1. What’s That Advertisement?

This is a simple game to play. Make a list of famous advertising taglines, and ask all the members one by one. The member who guesses the maximum number of brands by taglines wins. 

2. Two Truths And a Lie

This is one of the most famous games and can be played by people of all ages. At the end of the game, you will for sure come to know more about the members. You need a big bowl, pens, and chit-paper to play this game. Each kitty member will have to write two truths and one lie about themself on a paper. After they are done, the papers will be folded neatly by the host and put in a bowl. One member will pull out a paper randomly, read aloud the text and guess which one is the lie. The member who gives the maximum correct answer wins the game. 

3. What’s In My Bag?

This game has set social media ablaze. By the end of the game, you all will be cheering excitedly. The game is simple to play – pick a bag of a member and guess what items are in it. Every member will play the game, and the one who guesses the maximum number of items correctly will be declared a winner. 

4. Name the Brands

This game will require you to have intrinsic knowledge about brands. Write down the names of categories such as food, beverages, cosmetics, electronics, or clothes on a piece of paper. Each member will have to write down the names of as many brands as they can belonging to the category they pick.  

5. Guess the Movie

If you want to test the entertainment knowledge of others, this is the game to play. Give each member a pen and a piece of paper. Then say the name of a celebrity and give everyone a time limit of 2 minutes to think about the movies the actor has starred in. The members will have to write the movie names on the paper. The person with the maximum number of correct movie names will win the game. 

6. How Many Items?

This is one of the best kitty party games to test your memory. Take a tray and put small items on it, such as keyrings, stationery items, coins, or safety pins. Put the tray in a place where every member can see all the items properly. Give a minute to everyone to memorize all the items, and then put the tray away. Every member needs to write the names of items on the tray within the set time limit.

7. Dumb Charades

This is a classic game that’s loved by all. Write the names of a few movies on chits, fold them nicely, and put them into a bowl. From each team of two, give one participant a movie that they will have to enact through hand gestures. The other team member will have to guess the title within a minute. Whichever team guesses the maximum number of movies correctly wins the game. 

8. Put Pebbles into a Bowl

Take some pebbles of different colors and place them nicely on a tray. Place a bowl right next to the tray. One participant will come and choose a color and pull out as many pebbles as they can of that color in 30 seconds. For example, if they choose red, they will have to take out red pebbles from the tray and put them into the bowl. 

9. Take Out the Eggplant

If you thought eggplants/brinjals are only good for eating, think again, because they can also be used to have a hearty laugh. To play this game, you will need a few toothpicks, some small brinjals, and a bowl filled with clean water. Grab a few brinjals and put them in a bowl of water. Each member will come and try to pick as many brinjals as they can using a toothpick in 30 seconds. Make sure that no one uses their hands to pick the brinjals.

10. Name the Song

This is a popular game that requires you to have a few chit papers, pens, and plenty of knowledge about songs. The host will have to give one paper each to every member and then say a word. The members have to write the names of songs that start with that word. For example, if the host assigns the word ‘love’, members will have to write as many songs as they can starting with this word. 

11. Draw on a Balloon

Balloons can make an environment amicable not only for kids but also adults. Give a pen and a balloon to every member. They need to blow the balloon, tie it up to secure it, and draw a cartoon on it within 60 seconds. It is important that the drawing is complete and clear. The person with the maximum number of doodles on the balloon will be declared the winner. This is one of the best kitty party games with balloons. 

12. The Beans Game

Put kidney beans and chickpeas in a tray and mix them properly. Every participant will choose either of these and transfer as many as they can into another bowl in 60 seconds. It is important to transfer the food item that you have selected. For example, if you have selected kidney beans, you need to transfer only kidney beans to the given bowl. 

13. Light Up the Room

You will need candles and matchsticks to play this game. Every member will take one matchstick and light up as many candles as they can with it. The participant who gets the most candles lit will be the winner.

14. Pick the Coin

This is one of the most engaging kitty party games where you have a one-minute time limit to complete. Grab a few coins and place them on a table. Every member needs to be quick and pick up as many coins as possible. To increase the difficulty level of the game, you can make the surface slippery by pouring a drop of oil on it. The participant with the maximum number of coins is declared the winner. 

15. Pop Pop Popcorn

This is one of the latest kitty party games and requires you to have needles, threads, and popcorn bowls. Give a bowl of popcorn, thread, and needle to each participant, and they will have to make a cute popcorn garland within a minute. The person who finishes first wins the game. 

16. Sing the Songs

Give all the members names of an actor and actress, and they need to sing songs of the pair for one minute. Whoever sings the maximum number of songs wins this exciting game.

17. Treasure Hunt

This is an incredible kitty party game to play and share some laughs. In this game, you need to write down the names of items that are most commonly found in a handbag. Every member then has to take out everything from their handbags, the participant who has the maximum number of items given in the list is the winner.

18. Button It Up

Give a straw, a plate, and a bowl of buttons to every member. The participant will pick the buttons using the straw and transfer them to the plate. If they use their hands, they will be disqualified from the game. The person who takes out the maximum number of buttons within the given time frame wins the game. 

19. Musical Chair

There is no need to give any introduction to this game, as the charm of this game is timeless. To play this game, you need to have some chairs and a music player. Put some chairs in a circle (the number of chairs must be one less than the number of participants) and play a song. Members need to walk around the chairs while the music plays and when the music is abruptly stopped by a designated person, they must each sit down in a chair. The person who doesn’t sit is dismissed from the game and a chair is removed. Keep playing until one player is left, and she will be the winner. 

20. Paint Your Nails

Grab a few bottles of nail paint bottles and arrange them properly on a table. One by one, every member will choose two or three nail paint shades and paint their nails with perfection in a minute. The participant who does it properly within the set time frame wins the game. 

21. Guess the Celebrity

This is one of the most interesting kitty party games that can be played in pairs. Write the names of different celebrities on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. One person will pull out a paper and act like the celebrity mentioned on it, and the other person in the pair will take a guess. If the guess is right, the pair wins the game. 

22. Take out the Buttons

Take a big bowl and put rice in it along with 40 to 50 white and black buttons. Each member will get 30 seconds to take out the buttons from the bowl. For every white button, the player will be given 20 points and 10 for black ones. If a player spills rice, 5 points will be deducted. The person with the most points will be declared a winner.

23. Burst the Balloons

This is a game that’s bound to fill the room with laughter and lots of hooting. Make a pair of two to play this game. One person will blow up a balloon, and the other one will burst it without using their hands or any object. They need to sit and pop the balloons. Whichever team bursts the maximum number of balloons wins the game. 

24. Slide the Biscuit

This is a tasty game! The player will have to grab a biscuit and place it on their forehead. Then they will need to slide it into their mouth while making sure that they do not touch it at all. If the biscuit falls and gets broken into pieces the player loses the game. 

25. Truth Or Dare

Truth And Dare, also called Spin the Bottle, is easily one of the most common games played at social gatherings. Everyone will sit in a circle for this game. Then, take a bottle and spin it, whoever the bottle points at will have to choose between truth or dare. If they choose truth, they will have to answer a question, and if they choose dare, they’ll need to complete a dare. 

26. Dance till You Drop

Dancing is one of the best stress-buster activities. In this game, two people will compete with each other. Each participant will have to dance for two minutes and if they stop, they lose. 

27. Guess the Song

Make a playlist of popular songs and give a pen and paper to everyone. The host will play four seconds of a song and the participants will have to write the name of the song on a sheet of paper. Whoever gives the maximum number of correct answers wins the game. 

28. Card Games

There are many card games that you can play at a kitty party including Card Bingo, Crazy Eights, and so on. 

29. Jenga

Jenga is a game for both kids and adults. It is one of the most engaging kitty party games to play. Each player will get a chance to build the tower within a minute, and whoever does it wins the game. 

30. The Bangle Game

For this game, you’ll need lots of bangles. Each player will have to wear as many bangles as they can of the same color within 25 seconds. The woman with the most bangles will be declared the winner. 

31. Do Their Makeup

This fun-filled game is played in pairs. One person will have to do the makeup of the other (apply kohl, lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner) within a minute. Whosoever does it perfectly within the time frame wins the game.


Savings are an essential part of everyone’s lives, and taking part in kitty parties helps women achieve the goal of accumulating money. Right from taking part in social engagement to having delicious food, kitty parties solve a lot of purposes. These parties are great to catch up with your friends and reminisce about old days as well as talk about day-to-day life. It is not necessary to just have a normal conversation at these parties. You can spice things up with engaging and chill kitty party games like charades, make up games, truth or dare, and more. The most important thing is to have lots of fun!

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